ES 5-23-14

here my numbers::95-97...92.50..90..85-87...82.50...77.50...75...68-70...65...62.50
ackwired can you tell me where the low voloume spots are? or anybody else?
Afraid I didn't record any low volume spots, and I don't see any of significance on a composite chart.
To the upside I have v vah and onh at 93, rthh at 94.5, R1 at 95, and R2 at 1900.25. Looking downward I have vah and v poc at 90.25, onl at 89.5, PP at 89, poc at 87, and val at 86.
Looks like the whole day may be low volume. Extremely narrow O/N range and the vwap range from ob to os is about as narrow as it could get.
Today is a little unusual in that the Open Outcry session ends at 12:00pm cdt and Globex remains open. This will probably a range bound market this pm with a spike in volatility near the Globex close.
Thx TI Anon. You've given me something to research.
Shorting RTH H at 94
selling 95.25 pitbull # 95.50..3 point stop
ackwired that pit bull 2.5 # too
Yes. I use 2.5 to 3.5 and look for a line to take. If it hits 95 I will sell some more to average in.
Selling 95. Average position is now 94.5.
i am with u at 95.25
Stopped out.
Still not retracement. I wonder if it will at 1900.