ES Thursday 6-19-14

as per bruce request lets keep thread going! i am selling rat # above the open and buying rat# below open in rth..using a 3point stop..what everbody game plan??
not trading the50 rat sell 56.25 buying 43.75
matd....longs into support make sense to me...i like the 42.75-44.75 as a conservative spot, 48-49 a bit more aggressive

on the upside r1 is 56.5 and r2 63.75 (weekly r2 at 61, so u can make that a zone)...but i try to avoid shorts at all time highs
46ish is the first of the 4 single prints left unfilled below...that is a potential spot for longs to come in before that 42.75-44.75... o/n low still holding but will likely be run out
apk781 when u have time can u list those single prints
46.25, 43.5 41 and 37.25
if u got the long at 46.25 then u want this above 47.25 (ibl) and 47.5 (prev all time high) in short order...otherwise they may go get taht 43-44ish area
as bruce says 1st test is the best..i think the 43.75 was could only get to 44 on the i have cancel my order to buy at 43.75..i think we are going to to see 40
42.75-44.75 was the conservative long location from my first post today
apk if you can could u please tell me how you trade a u start at the top of the range and buy or sell at certain points in that range?using your zone of 42.75 to 44.75 as example would your 1st buy be at 44.75 then 2nd at 43.75 and last at 42.75..or do u do something esle...anybody esle care to explain there range trade buy or sell???
i try to time it with some short term divergence, either macd or tick

scaling into a position can be tricky becuase if price only gets to the top of a zone and then moves away you only have a partial position on for taht winner but if the trade doesn't work (i.e price goes thru a zone without some reaction) then you will be taking a full position loss after your scaling into the you have to have this in mind, or treat each position you take as a different trade, with its own stop and profit target