ES Monday 6-23-14

how I see it...surfs up !
No video below? Try this link: monday.swf

with midpoint from Overnight above I am taking longs at 53.50 and will also try again near 51.50
On midpoint just happens to be right near last weeks highs !!
lots of volume coming in at 51.75....I'm targeting my first entry as a cover point...then try to get that midpoint
trying again on 51.50...not giving up on longside yet..
minus 4 taking hold now ...I hope...want to see that strngth from friday return to go get last fridays and last weeks highs
an open and drive down and out of fridays lows but then we are popping back up into that range......doesn't look that weak to trade on the bull side of open print ...YET !!!
coming out heavy at 53.50.....Gotta book something just in case I have the wrong read here..I'd prefer them to keep this above 51.50 now
taking something at open like a good pitbuller should and final will try for the friday high......53 is my area to watch for last runner if we fail on this push now
You may not know how to surf the waves yet Bruce but you know how to surf this market...
that's great Paul....Thanks ...LOL!