ES July 1 2014

how i see it...not much to say..narrow range yesterday so will breakout traders win on a higher open or will us faders be able to drive prices back toward 84.....? us sellers may need to start after 9 A.m...volume in O/N is happening right at R1 and YD high area so that is first possible support if we open higher....I'm creating a big sell zone that starts at 57.50 and runs up to all time highs but would be more aggressive on shorts generated first at 57.50 - 58 and then at new all time highs.........keeping in mind that weekly R1 is at 62.75 too so that would be a separate spot for my last short idea today....shorts will only happen if O/N midpoint and/or the pivot of yesterday at 1954 hasn't been traded to yet...IT's 9 a.m and time to try
No video below? Try this link: tuesday.swf

Took some hits today but this 10 point off the open number along with not 1 set of TPO's was broken to the downside yet today on the 15 min chart, might hold back prices from here. Short from 1967.25
Trend days die hard, I let the market take me out...
I'm on the twice the IB short trade but enetered a bit late at 70.75...trying to hold for slightly above poc at 86.50 and low range 30 minute bar is there too..
revising first target to be a bracket low none have happened yet.....then will try to hold for other target
look how we closed right inside the lowest 30 minute bar of the day....that was my final target the first time we hit back to the high of that bar.........on the first drop after bracket test...multi- tasking today so slow on emails etc...
Man...everyone here taking early vacation or what ?? Here is two times Ib trade and other ramble about that low range 30 minute bar
No video below? Try this link: two_times_IB.swf

Thanks Bruce, I,d already long hit the hay by the time you sent this thru, but still good info to store away and use as needed......