ES Wednesday 7-2-14

Short bias for me on this higher trade above settlement this morning...key areas are 63.50 - 65.25, 57.50 - 60.....above is 71 - 73.25 ......those are major areas and the other babble is on the video....hoping RTH opens above O/N midpoint to be more aggressive on shorts but will probably initiate shorts in O/N before RTH opens near 68 in order to get back to close at 65.75 in O/N session...I will add up to 1970 if needed in O/N if needed but keep it small overall until RTH opens.....basically I want to be short above O/N midpoint !!
No video below? Try this link: wednesday.swf

Terrific stuff, Bruce.
Have we seen the range for the day? LOL (I am kidding)

Having you mention the what-if's...the alternatives, the "PLAN" is especially key to understanding proper prep for the day, well at least for the first 11 minutes of the day. AMAZING.

Thanks for posting.
not trading anymore today..catch ya tomorrow if those reports can provide some nice gaps or something that looks like fun, tradeable stuff for the a.m.
maybe we really have seen the range for the day.

Have a great 4 day weekend.