ES Friday July 11 2014

how my chart sees it...I have a two areas to watch for sells ...a zone that includes YD highs and the r1 ( 64 - 66.25)for today and also the va high 62.75......and only two buy is a buy zone at the va low and pivot ( 55 - 56) and the other is price action based down near 51.....I think it will be best to wait until an Overnight high or low is broken before trading today....hopefully that will come BEFORE the midpoint of the overnight range prints....

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scratched out for a 3 tic loser...will try one last time and call it a day
need to see a push above 54.50 to see if I like the low to get long again
I had a composite High Volume node @ 1953.00 along with other confirmation went long from 53.75
trying agin from 54.25...this may be a tuff battle for us bulls.....even if the minus 4 printed...keeping it small and trying to be patient...air pocket at 56 still
flat on finals at 56.50...that's it for me.....hope all have a great weekend
Out with small profit, nice hit Bruce