ES Tuesday 7-15-14

don't have much to add today....with the pivot and close in the 71 area that becomes my magnet today.........the fact that we couldn't print the midrange of Yesterdays overnight session leads me to think that they will print last nights overnight midpoint's just the way I think and how it usually no buys for me up in the R1 - r2 zone which is 73.50 - 75.50...only sells again........i also had 74.50 as a key upper zone on yesterdays I will start small and early in the overnight now...

secondary sell zone will be 76.50 - 78.50 but don't know if we will need always bothers me when we don't have test of that Thursday high at 64 - 65 ( Friday was inside day) seems to be a longer term magnet still........the same way they eventually came back to the 59 - 60 area last week.....

good luck today i'm hoping to end it all quick
my last runner got stopped at 73 even...and now trying small one last time as that mipoint hasn't been taken yet......obviously we need price to stay under O/N high in order to even think about that idea and we certainly don't want a 10:30 close above the O/N high
taking something at new lows and holding one
the momentum allowed me to come out at 69.25 before I went market...that's it for me today.....I hope all do well from here..
we now have an outside bar to the downside ( so far) if you just look at RTH charts/.....we took out the high of YD and now the careful !! I have no other good insights...c ya
Well, Master Trader Bruce has delivered another golden nugget of a lesson

If the market only trends about 30% of the time, treat the market like it's range bound and fade the extremes, you'll be right 70% of the time.

Well, Thanks, Bruce. Because of you , I did not lose any money today...I did not trade today because I was going to play long, but your desire to play short and your commitment to play short kept me a spectator. You are a master trader with a will of iron.

Well, we all have special talents... I guess I'll be turning the computers off for today and celebrating the effects of couple of beers on an empty I can prepare myself for a trip to the local tatoo parlor where I will have ...

"treat the market like it's range bound and fade the extremes, you'll be right 70% of the time...."

Tatooed on the back of hand so I can see it every time I reach for the mouse to hit the BUY button (or the SELL button),.

Thx, Bruce
You da man.

LOL, Paul.
It now looks like a gap fill attempt towards 1963.00
Bruce will be right much more than he is wrong. That's why he is the master and we are just the students...
can i come back and be a paltalk poster and pretend I was still holding something for that 64 - 65 area ? c'mon...can u folks just look the other way, can I go back an alter my previous posts ?.......damn...the things people will do to stroke their what I am doing here !!!.
Very nice call, Bruce!!
but seriously ...thanks for the kind words...I appreciate it and hope my babble helps...I know it always helps me to type it out here
yep, one of the reasons i had that 58.25-60 as an area below

Originally posted by sharks57

It seems 1958.50 to 1958.25 is a high volume node on a 4 day merged profile using 7/8 thru 7/11...