ES Tuesday 7-15-14

don't have much to add today....with the pivot and close in the 71 area that becomes my magnet today.........the fact that we couldn't print the midrange of Yesterdays overnight session leads me to think that they will print last nights overnight midpoint's just the way I think and how it usually no buys for me up in the R1 - r2 zone which is 73.50 - 75.50...only sells again........i also had 74.50 as a key upper zone on yesterdays I will start small and early in the overnight now...

secondary sell zone will be 76.50 - 78.50 but don't know if we will need always bothers me when we don't have test of that Thursday high at 64 - 65 ( Friday was inside day) seems to be a longer term magnet still........the same way they eventually came back to the 59 - 60 area last week.....

good luck today i'm hoping to end it all quick
open drives sometimes morph into open auctions just fyi
came out heavy at original sell price just in case I am wrong up I only have some of my add on contracts working short now
the fact that they stopped at r2 near 75.75 may be telling us something about this open and drive with big players would NOT have backed off by two points just because some silly pivot number is there...but us small fry traders could make that move back down collectively......just how I think about it.........I
That Bruce, he's doing it again.
WHy 75.75 though? R2 on Daily?
took all but two contracts off at new lows...will try to hold for Overnight mipoint...basically that swing low before RTH started....pivot is there too...not much ammo...

damn...u guys almost had me scared !!
Bruce is right: no open drive.
yes paul...look at the zone I posted in first post...I may have made a typo with the 75.50...but I had lots of things lining up in that area
I was writing my comment while you were writing yours, (about the R2)
Thanks for the heads up on the big players.
Still have Yellen Text embargo, Comments by reporters who have already read the text are usually released at 10:00 AM ET. that's a wildcard.
took on off at 71.50 and will try for one tic above Overnight midpoint on the good place for stop...71.50 was the pivot
didn't mean tos care u bruce was an open drive but soemtimes those morph into widen open auction like today, when no otf players are involved

nice play...i did not like the 74-75 for a short this morning and when i saw that open i drive up that confirmed it for me, although it ended up being a headfake

looks like bulls are in trouble if they don't hold that area i emntioend earlier
yep, one of the reasons i had that 58.25-60 as an area below

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It seems 1958.50 to 1958.25 is a high volume node on a 4 day merged profile using 7/8 thru 7/11...