ES Friday 7-18-2014

With a double distribution yesterday and O/N trade below the 1959.50, short could be the path of least resistance.
But with RTH trade monkeying around that 1959.50, long is starting to look like the way the go.

These are my thoughts for now...
That swing high @ 1970.50 could be the target for today.

(Sure is lonely in here without Bruce)
profile chart

swing chart going back to 7/10

Thanks for the charts, Printer.
Is that Sierra charts, you're using?
hi Aladdin,
Its ninja trader with the Fin_alg market profile

footprint chart

Thanks for the charts, Printer.
Hey Aladdin, no problem with whether it was an open drive today, huh?
high of day pull back ES_F

Hi All,

If anyone gets a moment... Could you give a brief explanation of "open drive"?
Paul, today I was so occupied by the 1959.50 go / no-go level at market open, that I forgot about my "open-drive-issues" .
And today turned out not to be a open drive.
ES _F 71.50 target acquired