ES Tuesday 7-29-2014

Yesterday's profile shows some forcing action.
Looks like a small gap open.
I'll be observing where today's value develops compared to yesterday's high @1976.00
This is beginning to look a lot like an open drive...
Price stopped exactly at VAH, so probably not an open drive?
OAOR - open auction outside (out of) range

Originally posted by Aladdin

Price stopped exactly at VAH, so probably not an open drive?
So far we tested the upper end of balance. Last week we took a look above for two days before falling back. Today we went and got the gap from 7/24 at 7925. 7800 is critical IMO for bulls at this point.
Is this 1978.00 volume buyer or sellers?
Sellers it would appear. That was a pretty good drop after that battle up there. Now we need to see if the VAH holds. otherwise we get YD NVPOC.
And this 1976.00 volume?
7600 was ONVPOC and a natural area for some resistance, we also stopped just above the VAH from yesterday also a natural area to see some resistance. A push into that VA indicates lower to me. No dog in the fight yet. I took a long earlier for a small win as we went for that gap from last week.
Trying a smalll short from 7500, only trying to get 7300
Not riking alot as we already went four wide at 7625, so we may just rotate back up there and have our range established.
OK all done with that. Out til later this afternoon.