ES Friday 8-29-14

somewhat of a confused picture but watch those developing VPOcs from the O/N closely so the 2001.50 and the seems more likely that they will want to drive back towards the 97-98 area today and get a gap fill on the way so I would be more cautious on longs in general today.....I'd prefer to try sells at 2000.50 - 2001.50 and then also try the 2003 - 2004 if they happen to run it up first today.... the areas are all real close
No video below? Try this link: friday.swf

i think this merge says a lot...the last two profiles show Mon - Wednesday and then Thursdays trade....look at all the volume and time in the 97 - 98 area...that should in theory be the magnet unless we get continued consolidation above the 2000 area...then bulls may win this one
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Coincidental stop so far at YD VAL and Last week hi, I agree on that 91.75 or lower close for the 88 area
thanks Bkay ..u may have noticed that yesterday they spent time filling in the LVN area and it became support.....we had 4 and 5 tpo's wide there on YD chart....
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nice trade
Hope it keeps going up for you if you have runners on
Signing off for the day (weekend) Have a great holiday weekend everyone.
final for me is 95.25 print...that is current POC of today
u too bkay..enjoy the break...i'm done too