ES Tuesday 9-2-14

gotta watch 2003 - 2003.75 and 2005 - 2007.50 on upside as two close but separate resistance zones...downside has the 98.50 - 2000 as a magnet and possible first support if we open under last weeks highs and drop down explains the rest....good odds for a gap fill on an open 4 points or less off of last weeks close.. I'll be watching to see if we can get back into last weeks VA highs and hold under there ...starting small shorts in On at 2003.25 and will use 2001 as a target
No video below? Try this link: Tuesday.swf

added at 2005 in O/N which is unusual for me but I saw Vpoc flip down to 2003 so that will be my first target...often I use my first entry point as a target......if I add on...
came out heavy on runners at 2000... ..nothing working now and may be all for today...if we use monday range ( questionable as cash wasn't open) also then we have the vpoc/poc there too
that was a nice gap fill today and the probabilities were on our side.....buyers will want this thing to stay above 96.50 - 98.75 to try for another attempt at all time highs above last nights highs
nice sequence Bruce
thanks apk...they are filling in the weekly bell curve ..I would expect to see possible buyers down near 96 if bulls have their way