ES Wednesday 9-24-14

Numbers how I see them....a key probability as per Paul ( thanks) is that we should print the daily pivot number depending on where we open I think we need to try to buy the 75 tail edge ( at least use it as a key area ) and or sell the 79 area and also up at 82 - 83....we may have a few conflicts as to what to do first with our O/N midpoint.

I'm working on a second video too but here are the main lines
No video below? Try this link: wenesday_9-24.swf

and here is part shows the volume in overnight and talks a bit more about subtle clues from "the greenies"
No video below? Try this link: wednesday_part_two.swf

I just added a second video for those interested or for those who have time later
Bruce, are you taking the Longs from ~75 area then?
yes...I have small long in O/N session but will not be afraid to see O/N midpoint print.....and will be watching what happens on any push near 73 in RTH session closely but I like the long side would be to see the pivot hit and thena push above O/N high to hunt for a short trade...especially if On midpoint hasn't printed yet
Out at the pivot point of 77.75
coming out at 77.25 and one last at 78.25 print....not waiting for On high as they can mess with us.........i think this market will do one of two things from here...go up to 81.50 or drop back to 75 and that guess is on the 75 so going to hunt shorts in this 78 - 79 zone...the closer we can sell near 79 the better as we know if wrong they will run to the 81.50 which isn't too bad but if we are rightthen back to 75 they will risk/reward is ok up here
Hope you took the shortie!! Good call !!
final exit for me is .5 pts above gap close...that's it for me today......nice zones today and a bonus trade in O/N...we can't ask for more that 75 closely if they come back to it....on the downside I have volume at 71 so a bounce off the close of YD would need 75 to hold retraces in order to go get that some errands to do and kids have a half day so good luck from here
Thanks Bruce!
Thanks Bruce. Good reading of the zones as always
pretty amazing...Kudos to Bruce
Bunch of volume coming in from 84 to 85. Seems like we met resistance early?