ES Wednesday 9-24-14

Numbers how I see them....a key probability as per Paul ( thanks) is that we should print the daily pivot number depending on where we open I think we need to try to buy the 75 tail edge ( at least use it as a key area ) and or sell the 79 area and also up at 82 - 83....we may have a few conflicts as to what to do first with our O/N midpoint.

I'm working on a second video too but here are the main lines
No video below? Try this link: wenesday_9-24.swf

and here is part shows the volume in overnight and talks a bit more about subtle clues from "the greenies"
No video below? Try this link: wednesday_part_two.swf

thanks for the kind words...I think some will be trying to buy the 71 ...just under YD lows and try to get back to 73.25....and if they fail then we are jamming back down to 69........I'm just saying and not playing...volume came in at 71 in O/ lets see if those buyers protect
here are how the current Greenies look...only this chart I made them red to jump out .........ha ...and it includes all session data.......I couldn't fit the line that sits a 69 on the screen.....73.25 has a gap in the data......correction..."had a gap in the data ....filled now
Click image for original size
look closely and u will see the gap at 73.25.....on my chart..ok I really gotta roll now...hope it plays well from here for YOU !!
damn...I can't the logic here would be that if the 71 holds then back to 75 we run.....otherwise they try for the 69 and that 66 area under there.....#$%^ I gitta go c ya
Are the greenies, Volume POC?
Going to try shorts starting at 84 if it gets there....
Watching 1986.25 to 1987.25 as resistance.
Single prints from yesterday at 86.75 to 88 so should serve as resistance. I was too early to pull the short. Stopped out of that one. Will try again if we reach up there.
Bunch of volume coming in from 84 to 85. Seems like we met resistance early?