ES Wednesday 10-8-14

how I see the numbers.....I didn't include 30 as a key number because I feel it is a better magnet.......but that should be traded back to in the day that target will be my primary focus in the day session and if I take and longs under neath there in the O/N session now that it is after 9 this 26 - 27.50 would be my first area to try longs at in On session...
No video below? Try this link: wednesday.swf

Nice study on Initial Balance Break over a years worth of data...Out of 258 days 96.12% chance of an IB break
Click "Updated Market study" under "What's New ?" then click the underlined portion to take you to the study.
thanks sharks57 for link
that 54 was yesterdays magnet price.......why don't these traders listen........damn......that volume was big today that came in at 38.50 - 40......gotta put that one on the radar
Bruce, I do not see much volume at 38.5 to 40. Maybe my data is messed up? Could you show a picture?
I was looking at what came in on the lower volume histogram........look at that huge spike in volume as report minutes were released