ES Tuesday 11-4-14

fixated on the idea that they want to test under yesterdays RTH low and the 2004.25 as explained in the video...perhaps to a fault as I have a bias for those two tests and that can mess you and holding above 2012 BEFORE those tests will be bad for my idea and may lead to new highs again....
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ok...was going to redo this video but gonna leave it as is....kinda dull but wanted to show the LVN and more important to me was watching that opening range high and to use that as a filter especially when we open out of range or the value area from the previous day
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best to look for next set of longs in the 93 - 95 we are trying to make third set of singles in a row off the 90 minute I expect 90 minute low to get retested........but when ??? I don't know....just use your numbers/zones and take the trades
What is the definition of insanity again? Lol.. Hopefully this lesson sticks with me
tring longs from 95.25 and 93.50 for 90 minute low test as target...last trade of the day for me
coming all out at 97.75...just don't trust that 98 and we are 17 minutes over our 90 minute curfew !!!
Good trading Bruce. I got my shirt handed to me today but it was a good learning experience. In hindsight, I can see where I went wrong and why my long bias was wrong.
I'm always thinking about ranges and value areas.......not being able to hold inside of YD value was somewhat of a help but in general it was difficult and all that back and forth through the OR wasn't easy on anyone and that's why we always need to try to take something off and move our stops up quickly.....sorry to hear u didn't do well but tomorrow is a new day and you only gave the market a short term loan today
i look at at anything from 1993.50 - 2000.50 as one big LVN.....that's just too big and 98 is the key LVN area which splits up that zone nicely in watch that 98...they may need to try and fill it in a bit
thanks for the encouraging words. i also did the cardinal sin of moving stops away rather than closer so that cost me too... but like you said, tomorrow is a new day and as long as I learn from today, it should be ok. Thanks again for the guidance.
Got some back. Long from 1998 and got out at 2002