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ES Tuesday 11-4-14

fixated on the idea that they want to test under yesterdays RTH low and the 2004.25 as explained in the video...perhaps to a fault as I have a bias for those two tests and that can mess you and holding above 2012 BEFORE those tests will be bad for my idea and may lead to new highs again....
No video below? Try this link: tuesday.swf

I think longs from 2002 are still good. The try from 2008 would have been better if it were held closely. I simply jumped the gun....
Trying again: long from 2006.00
Long was not the direction to choose this AM. Sigh.
Same here.... :-(
Trying one last long at 2.5. Lets see how this pans out. I really think they are going to defend the gap. Or just completely collapse as well. I choose to stay Long and let ssee if this one works outl
Bruce seems awfully quiet. How are you doing Bruce?
And stopped out again. Looks like they are targeting the gap....
trying a small long from 96.75...only 2nd long of the day...making a video of short trades...98 is a critical number for me down here...failure will run to 95 quickly so keeping this small ...and I want them to get back above 98 quickly or else I will exit....
You pay a heavy price for leaning the wrong way all day long....
After seeing those single prints 2004.50 - 2005.00 I stopped looking for longs.
Got some back. Long from 1998 and got out at 2002
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