ES Thursday 11-6-14

Today's volatility bands:

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Where does this come from and how are you using it?
See yesterday's discussion on volatility bands...
Thanks...missed the afternoon discussion, usually pretty quiet by then. :)
how i see it so far...I'm short and not liking it...when in a bit early based on time and also price...would have been better to get in after 9 a.m I think....2023 - 2025.75 is key area for me even though I have weekly targets up at 27 and possibly 33
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coming out of this On short at 21.50..just too close to YD RTH highs...a good trade even though I thought it was going to be bad....nice touch up at that 27 number... it's easy to be confident once a trade is over....
if we open between 25.75 and 2018 then I will take one minute bracket trades off the OR to try and get one of those numbers....ideally I'd like to see them open inbetween these two numbers to make breakout trades from the one minute high or low worth it...yesterday was also very well balanced and dalton says those like to be revisited....the problem is that we never know when
Daily half SD band at 27 as well...
from a brief sample we have good odds of printing 2011 and/or 2025.75 opening right at YD close you could in theory bracket the one minute range to try for that but my suggestion is if you are going for a bigger long term target then use a bigger range to bracket the 5 won't get whipsawed as much but you will have bigger losers in order to get the bigger many 2 point losers will you take in order to get a 7 point winner ?
i took the one minute breakout high as we tested YD VA high and broke above...seems to be going nowhere now though but would like to see r1 at 23
came out heavy at YD highs and trying to hold two measly contracts
Thanks Bruce. That helps understand. I was looking at it as a double bottom and that buyers were defending it...