ES Friday 11-7-14

Today's volatility bands
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We bounced off both the half SD values yesterday
I have a 1/2 band and r1 at 33.75 so that will be my first sell to try and target all the time spent at 29.50....I .will sell 33 - 35 zone and now !!...above if wrong will be 40 - 41..I really like 29.50 as a magnet.....our bands may be off because mine are from using the 4 pm close........

if real lucky they will go for 26.50 as long as they can keep it under that 33.75
yeah that would make sense.... but they just stopped short of hitting that 33. no entry for me...
Scratch that. I just missed it, the market did not
i was looking to sell 35 but we obviously never got there so missed the boat again.... sigh

one of these days
what do you have at 26.5?? i dont see anything at that price
that'as me done at 26.50......not sticking around ....I missed optimal entry and got in at 32 even after that rejection up top........I have Veterans day celebration that starts in 8 minutes at my kids school and it takes me 6 minute to get there.....for those trading breakouts...see if you can get a .5 band as posted by new kid but come out a point or two in from...juts in case the 4 pm close calculation is more accurate......hoping to be back later
look at your Overnigh at 4 pm close...gottta run
Originally posted by NewKid

what do you have at 26.5?? i dont see anything at that price
I think my data is messed up so I got the wrong close. Please use my band numbers with a grain of salt as Bruce indicated
You are using 415 close? I have 2028 at 415 and 2026.5 at 4pm
that was only trade for me in RTH today...and LVn at 27.25 is next target but will exit last at 27.50 if it prints...otherwise runners will stop at B. even....hope all habve a great weekend