ES Monday 11-10-14

There was a large difference between the 4pm and 4:15pm close. So here are the volatility numbers for both. Let us see which one turns out better. The 4:15 one was more accurate on Friday.

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yes I had two left and we entered closing range high from friday...see my last video...that explains it a bit
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Bruce, were you just front running it at 26.5? It did hit 25.75 :)
Yup, makes sense. You use the closing bar's range rather than just the closing price
I will use both but I prefer to use closing range as too many expect the closing price to print and sometimes it turns just before a gap I always want to get out as fast as I can especially near a closing price......I've left too many much money on the table just trying to to get an extra 2 - 3 tics....most times it's better to just get out out as soon as you have a good profit ( and then let runners try to work some magic if lucky).......

all this trading stuff is about controlling greed and I try real hard to be satisfied......I usually don't get concerned if a market keeps moving in my direction after I am for example....suppose market kept dropping to next zone at 19.50 - 21 area...It really wouldn't have bothered me because I had a good trade campaign and am satisfiied...I traded well and made $$$$$.....getting greedy and holding on for too much can be costly and frustrating....

sorry for the speech....LOL!!
true words. always good to take profits and trade within your comfort level... i am still learning everyday so trying to absorb and learn as much as possible
tight range day today so far..
Trying to get a fill @ 32.5 for a short
at r1 and a 4:15 close band are below at Ib breakout...this would all be a higher risk fade due to tight consolidation of first hour...better to wait for new all time highs up at 33 - 35 I think
too late, i already got it. i will have to sit tight on this one I think.... might have chewed off too much..
I'm starting to look up at 33.75 for a short but will keep this all small as I know they may want to push towards that 35 - 36 still and we are almost outside of my 90 minute window.....see if we can get them to come back to volume at 31.75...the r1 area
singles left behind on a 60 minute breakout have the highest probability of filling in on the same day...while they aren't perfect they do fill in a very high percent of the short trades taken above new highs at 33.25 and then again at 35 - 36 are the best way to try for them IMHO.....doesn't mean they will fill in but probabilities area at least on our side
great that u noticed those apk...good eyes......a sure sign of low volume...and notice how they just broke that ledge at I would expect singles to fill in completely now
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that was a nice target...triples left at 31.75 and top of lvn formed today...too slow to even watch from

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31.50 is final for me...they should go fill in singles but i don't want to b tortured