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ES Monday 11-10-14

There was a large difference between the 4pm and 4:15pm close. So here are the volatility numbers for both. Let us see which one turns out better. The 4:15 one was more accurate on Friday.

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the 27 level is being defended pretty strongly. not sure why because i dont have that price marked but they are...
very wise new kid...there are too many numbers hanging out in between the 25.75 close and cash close of inside there is a better magnet in general....I'm trying to hold two for O/N midpoint and 4:15 close but think they may shake me out reports at 10 so that is good....
Originally posted by NewKid

Did not like how it looked so got out at 27.5. Will try short again if we get back up to new highs
poc from friday is lots in our way here...
Originally posted by NewKid

the 27 level is being defended pretty strongly. not sure why because i dont have that price marked but they are...
ah, i was looking at the volume POC @ 28 but you are right, the time POC is at 27.5

Thanks. Like you said, way too many numbers..
i can't see them keeping 27.25 as an officail RTH low today..we should go lower...oopps too late...taking all but one off at
and there she goes....
that's me done at gap fill......
Bruce, were you just front running it at 26.5? It did hit 25.75 :)
Missed going Long at 26.... too hesitant. They were going to test that VPOC at 28 so should have taken it.
this could be called part two of "Ugly" video above but explains why I didn't expect the 27.25 to hold as a low earlier
No video below? Try this link: finale.swf

great that u noticed those apk...good eyes......a sure sign of low volume...and notice how they just broke that ledge at I would expect singles to fill in completely now
Originally posted by apk781

that was a nice target...triples left at 31.75 and top of lvn formed today...too slow to even watch from

Originally posted by BruceM

31.50 is final for me...they should go fill in singles but i don't want to b tortured

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