ES Thursday 11-13-14

Today's volatility numbers. We hit the 1/2 SD band (both 4pm and 4:15pm ones) in O/N.

Bruce appears to be in the camp of the cash close and therefore is leaning more towards the 4pm number.
Paul has noted that he has seen the 4pm close be more relevant for gap fills so he too places more emphasis on the 4pm close.
I will continue posting both numbers and using them as a band because I do not think there is any harm to that and then will use confluence with other numbers as a guage.
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Took an early trade in O/N but I was too early and so took a 2-pt hit. Went long @ 37.75 but stopped out at 35.75
Then I took another long at 36.75 and got out at weekly R1 @ 39.25
weekly R1 is giving some good resistance
38.5 was a nice LVN node. Should have gone long from there to the 30-min VPOC of 40
For those keeping score, so far we have hit the 4pm band in RTH and then had a semi-decent pullback