ES Monday 11-24-14

my plan and basic lines today...quick summary of key areas..

74 - 76
69.50 - 71

66 *** Magnet price

61.75 - 63 *** more magnets

2060 ---Volume if they push out On low this may be a good fade

54 - 55.50 - LVn area

No video below? Try this link: monday.swf

but i will resist the temptation. things are moving glacially and i assume that is because of the holiday week?
NewKid, go to a browser and put in

BESPOKE, Thanksgiving week

you'll be ble to see lots of different performance studies about the week.
They sre just sitting on the internet for free because they were generated in prior years... (They would only release new articles of insight for premium subscribers only right now... but they usually post them ex post facto, and many of those are just sitting out there waiting to be consumed.