ES Monday 11-24-14

my plan and basic lines today...quick summary of key areas..

74 - 76
69.50 - 71

66 *** Magnet price

61.75 - 63 *** more magnets

2060 ---Volume if they push out On low this may be a good fade

54 - 55.50 - LVn area

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Today's bands. The 4pm and 415pm closes matched

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I think with O/N midpoint right at Fridays VA high that should print today...starting new RTh shorts above On high..with plan to go in heavier in the 69.50 - 71 zone if if no add ons will be 66.75
nice vpoc flip to the highs implied that maybe just maybe they were selling above the O/N high...
trying for 63.75 on finals if lucky this morning but eihter way I am trying to be content and not get too greedy
WHat's going on with the NQ new high in the RTH...
more new RTH highs for the NQ
maybe that is what is holding back the ES
yeah, NewKid, that is what I was wondering... I like to keep an eye on the NQ. but there are times when there can be one or two stocks juicing it (because it has only 100 members and it is market cap weighted)_
tempted to go short again at the 1/2 band @ 68.25
best i could do was get On midpoint and then got stopped at 65.75......stuck inside Ib so no opportunity here now
NewKid, go to a browser and put in

BESPOKE, Thanksgiving week

you'll be ble to see lots of different performance studies about the week.
They sre just sitting on the internet for free because they were generated in prior years... (They would only release new articles of insight for premium subscribers only right now... but they usually post them ex post facto, and many of those are just sitting out there waiting to be consumed.