ES Thursday 12-4-14

How my zones look for the overnight and Thursday trade...some nice confluence
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for thursday
air pocket at 67.5. just a matter of when to get long..
That is it for me for today: they played nice today.
Good trading Aladdin
nice call on that test aladdin...I'm attempting longs at 61.50 to see if we can get back to 63.25 and a bit higher
64.50 will be final target if my measly runners get still way above at 66 - 67 breakdown and hour low
As usual, very nice call, Bruce!
Good trading Bruce.
thanks are my thoughts on that trade for what it's worth......some bell babble and confluence...I do not trust sells under that 90 minute low if they can push that out....out of my time frame now but still don't like being short under there
No video below? Try this link: Thursday_babble.swf

Good stuff as always Bruce
thanks Newkid.....appreciate the feedback
unfortunately i do not have data that goes back that much because i had not yet started collecting it.

i went through my set and it looks like i have only a month's worth. sorry