ES Tuesday 12-23-2014

Here are today's bands. We did not hit any of the pivot numbers yesterday due to the small range and holiday week. As a result of the low range, the pivot numbers are much closer today and are likely to be hit.

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taking shorts off of 83.25 is 80.50......since probabilities failed us yesterday I am thinking that they will want to get some today and with R2 at 80 I am using that as an early first target on this gap higher open...other key is 76 - 77 today then that will be it for me......may try to hold one if I think they are really selling it ....this is final day for me...wasn't planning on it but the gap up seems attractive to r3 is at 88 but don't think they will push it there before R2 reprints....
there is a swing high at 77 in O/N which could become support as well
if we get ridiculously lucky we will go all the way back to 72...thanks paul and Newkid for ideas today
i am hoping we get to the R1 today. i am currently short as well but not at a good price
just an FYI, YD total RTH volume was 736k compared to 1.38 mil for Friday
oh yeah...R1 is a given to me .....LOL
also looks highly unlikely we hit any of the weekly pivot numbers this week because of the large range last week and this being a low volume shortened holiday week
revising second target to that O/N swing...always leary where minus4 - 5.5 zone starts...holding only one now
that swing was right at O/N midpoint too....just an FWIW moment !! now it doesn't matter...a good way to wrap up 2014.....back to open high will take my last long ball runner on short but I'd prefer to see them keep it under R2
good trading Bruce. I too hope it stays under the R2 and goes for the R1
will see if they get the PP. i am also computing what numbers get hit when they do hit. how much of a 2-hit is PP/R1 versus R1/R2, etc. will let you know what i find