ES Tuesday 12-23-2014

Here are today's bands. We did not hit any of the pivot numbers yesterday due to the small range and holiday week. As a result of the low range, the pivot numbers are much closer today and are likely to be hit.

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flat at 77, the O/N swing high. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Winter Solstice and happy new year to all!
nice trade New kid...if they can resolve this entire 76 - 78 area we will have a shot at that 72 I think...nice overnight single print here too...
TY Bruce. if we do indeed get down to 72, might even be worth buying!
well, that's two pivot info to know....somedays !
will see if they get the PP. i am also computing what numbers get hit when they do hit. how much of a 2-hit is PP/R1 versus R1/R2, etc. will let you know what i find