ES Tuesday 1-13-15

Good morning to all. Here are today's bands.
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took rth loser at 45.75....trying again from 49 greenie..try to get back to 45...this is strong like bull...gotta get back under afternoon pull back high from friday
takingsomething at 46.50 to make up for first rth loss today..
starting new shorts at new highs and plan to add at 52.50 if it greenie if they keep pushing is 55.50 as a using a sligtly different approach on this trade...expectation has had to change so now expecting 44.75 to reprint but the 40 is not out of the question....lets work on getting 44.75 first if we can
i am just too slow to pull out of my bad trades and keep getting burned repeatedly. i am swearing off O/N trading. I think I really need to stay away from it even if it means I might miss some profitable trades. overall, i keep getting burned....
does anyone out there watch individual components of the NQ? WHat's powering the NQ up 72 points?
all the time is spent at our 49 greenie....don't have a great feeling up here and sure wish I got my add on into market ( missed by two tic)....but won't do that now...revising first target to 45.25
why 45.25?
revsing targetto 46 now
I have a time va low there but it just shifted to 46 ...based on one minute time va's.. is pic...look at red bar in histogram
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cool...I got back just in time to see the greenie at 2003.50 from 1- 6 I am all smiles now