ES Tuesday 1-13-15

Good morning to all. Here are today's bands.
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this is how well my lines worked once the market stalled.... just wished i had not wiped myself out and had been a little patient. there was definitely money to be made here instead of a big loss like i took...
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my plan now it try for 44.50 and then try to hold one contract for 2040.50
what was the 1 st 30 min vpoc?
it was 49. i am sorry i did not publish it but we hit it right away...
runners stopped at 49 retest...probably be it for me today
we have now hit the O/N mid-point.
hope everyone a had a nice big plate of Greens ( greenies) today..........when we have two back to back down monday and down Friday sessions it can be a big warning that further selling is coming...mentioned on the video either yesterday or today ...just an fyi........lots of singles on the charts ..I won't be surprised to see a retest up to 2012 - 2014 area again today
nice note Bruce. something to add to the ever growing notebook of nuggets..
amazingly, the VPOC for the day is still up there at 48... very thin volume down the profile
cool...I got back just in time to see the greenie at 2003.50 from 1- 6 I am all smiles now