ES Monday 3-2-2015

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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took one small win but double top forced me out///trying last short from weekly Va high at 11.50 to target 09.50...
breakout came from 09.25...air pocket there...we'll see.....weekly 1/2 band based on todays open and option volatility sits at 2113.50 and one sd band for today only from new kid is 2114
not making these fades easy on us ....YET !!!! c'mon measly tic off so far....when they trend then our previous areas become we are seeing some signs of that today so far.....but they can't trend forever !!!
I think the 09.50 is coming now....hoping that push was the fake out at Ib high
based on price action alone here is key level from WEDNESDAYS trade I am watching ...then we can bring in the band comments etc to come up with a zone

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key level
still torturing me as I try to hold for the 09.50 test...all time is battling at Fridays HTN is there....this is the "P" profile now based on one minute time......some may try to scoop in to buy IF we can get to LTN under I plan on coming out heavy if they give me that hit
point of clarification for an old man,
when you refer to LTN under 09.50, are you referring to today's singles, today's MP? (as opposed to some other time frame profile)
LTN = Low time node on one minute chart...and they are usually part of the classic MP "singles"...
they got me today and it has been frustrating so far. misread the markets again...
here is a video Paul..
No video below? Try this link: low_time_nodes.swf

I think they need to go get that 06 long as 09.50 - 10.50 can hold as resistance then that is the path......not trading it though...perhaps I should get short now