ES Wednesday 3-4-2015

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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that is precisely what i am trying to do as well... be a momentum trader when the opportunity presents itself and the rest of the time be a fader..... good trading Big Mike.

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Just to add more grist to the mill. Today is the type of day that made me change from a fader to a momentum trader. I try to let the market tell me a story (price action).

Earlier I mentioned the EURO IB low as critical. it was critical because once it was broken to the downside, there was very little push to go above it, price just consolidated sideways around and below the Euro low.

This had me leaning short all the way. When the little burp on the opening didn't hold it was time to hop on short. Targets- Y low and beyond on runners.

Different perspective.

Good luck to all.