ES Tuesday 3-24-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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+5 ON; successful.

-5 RTH lines up with NK's 89

Good luck all.
+5 and O/N highs.
I'll split the difference and short 2100
i wish it would get up there... seems really heave right now.. i too am looking to short around 2099/2100

they could really go for the gap fill below right away....
30 min VPOC @ 94.75
just not hitting the lines today and not getting the fills i am looking for...
good call on the 2100 Mike. Hope you took it
Kind of cautious of longs, the daily is forming a rounded top. could be round 2 of stop hunting this afternoon.
Need a bounce before I go short again today and look at the time. My stochastics are almost on the floor and makes it hard to hold a short lol. Well im going to get some rest before pre-asia session.
where's the Brucester ? spring break ? hope all is well btw
I think he said he was going to be doing more with his options, and chatting less.
Neck lines slanted but about 1.0900 on the euro futures