ES Wednesday 3-25-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.
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thanks Mike. I will attempt to do that and see if it helps..
Was able to sidestep the -10. Watching the 5M intently, I was able to shake my gut and trade what I see which was short. Took the lower lows @83.25; 82.0; and 78.25 to make it a green day.

Some days, somebody is watching over me. Other days they are peeing over me.

Good luck to all.
66 may be in play, other than that I'm lost right now as to a bottom.
nicely played Mike. The single prints on FOMC day started at 62.25 so if they are trying to run those out, that could be a potential bottom
Holy Smoke
have far down is down?
I am so happy I am not long.
Maybe price has to visit that 2059 handle, that's where the naked POC from Fed day was.
i just wish i had gotten short today as i thought i should have.... there is a good chance we stop in the 59/62 area
Man! Every lower low after a higher high 5M has been $$$$
was too slow to get a fill at 62.25. missed it..
well, Newkid, that filling of the singles appealed to a bunch of buyers.
yeah it definitely looks that way. i had an inkling that they would fill in those singles today and that would make the market so stretched that it would become a buy there.. i missed both sides of the trade so that was not very smart of me.... still trying to get a hang of all this and am optimistic that my trade executions get better

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well, Newkid, that filling of the singles appealed to a bunch of buyers.