ES Tuesday 3-31-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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after nine so looking for a look to get mid point at 69.25
order to buy at 65.50
would like to nibble long @ 60ish back to Bruce's O/N mid point.

60 ish would be -5 and support resistance level from Monday and single print area on Thursday.

+5 @ 70 ish also looks to be an area of S/R and little volume (eyeball test only)

Good luck to all.

-5 O/N successful.
that's right. we did not have the O/N midpt YD so there is a higher chance of getting it today
long 65.50 stop 64
we have O/N greenie at 64.5/65
Nice if it goes! Good luck today.
Originally posted by duck

long 65.50 stop 64
Today does not feel like open/drive to me, more of a rebalancing of yesterday. However, I will take the break of 1st 5M to the downside if no gap fill (unlikely to fill quickly)
stop move to 66.25 ready to exit
target is 68.50
thanks for the suggestion Mike. I will try doing that homework soon.

Originally posted by Big Mike

For those who are struggling regarding determination of range bound or trend type days, I would suggest a chart 5M, RTH only for the last 20 days or so and see what happens when the open is outside RTH extremes.See how this may or may not be impacted by the previous day's type.

From there, see if you can formulate a game plan as to entry and stop placement, then work on targets or risk/reward parameters that work for you.

The worst is fading on days that want to move and vice-versa.

The past 20 days or so are a good illustration with enough data points close together to get a feel.

Good luck to all!