ES Monday 4-6-15

Bands for the day. good luck to all.

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I have my eye on $VLTC $CYTX $CCJD and $BIND
30 min VPOC @ 59.75
NewKid, what do you for last week's weekly VAH? (the week ending 4/2/15)
time based VAH is 80.75.
Volume based VAH is 69.5

Originally posted by PAUL9

NewKid, what do you for last week's weekly VAH? (the week ending 4/2/15)
what do you have the TPO value % area set to?
80.75... For the week?

I have like 70.00 and was thinking thios thing should come back in to a 65 handle.

Does any one else have a reading like NewKid's (I run Sierra charts with 70% TPO value area and I have 2070.00 for the VAH from last week)

Does anyone have anything similar to NewKids, please include name of charting software, too.
I have it set to 70%. see attached picture. this is a weekly RTH only MP chart
the date below is the starting date of the week
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Thanks a lot, NewKid.
I had been thinking about shorting in the area of my VAH of the weekly, but I had second thoughts because none of the lifts today have even been able to undercut a prior swing Low, (3 minute bars)

I thought the selling on Friday after the employment report was the product of a thin market (no volume) and really just shouldn't have happened. I have seen times before when the differences between MD VA and Sierra VA have been extremely different, and when that happens, it is a crap shoot as to which one commands attention, it is much better when they are within a few ticks of each other.
Now I see the poor High from MOnday of last week (3/30) just a few ticks above current price and have lost all urges to try to trade today.

2:30 in the afternoon with a total trading volume on the ES of 670K !!
Wake me when it's over.