ES Tuesday 4-28-15

how I see it and a bullish bias as long we stay above 2094 ...that is a weekly POC and we have lots of number between there and the open price.....selling may be due to poor performance or whatever happened with traders view of APPLE. Buy areas for me now are 2101, under 97.50 near 96 and at 94.........I won't be selling this morning and will be caught off guard if we just open and drive lower under 2094 !!
No video below? Try this link: tuesday.swf

02.25 is 30 min VPOC on my data...longs working ok but haven't got a real good one to stick ...YET !! ..... staying with the buying plans and trying new longs at 94.50 right now...doesn't feel like a trend day above market...expect ledge test at 97.75 ..but will go fro S1 retest first......frontrunning last weeks POC
welcome back Bruce. I have been sidetracked by a few other things so have been away for the past few days but expect to be back full time in a week or 2. glad to see you posting again. good luck!
took the s1 target got stopped on runners and trying again from 93......I have 90.75 and 86 if completely wrong down here on longs
took a 1.75 pt loser...will try one last time....fro 89.50...selling put spreads now one sd away from market that
S2 was in 89 area and cash was down 1/2 a percent I was due to get that one right
greed in my wants 94 print and that was also a previous area that failed me on second long trade ( first trade front running to S1 retest worked great ) ...POC from last week is there....doesn't usually only have one tpo print at it !! nuff said
final for me was just under that 97.50 ledge.......only managing put spreads now......good luck if u stay and play....
great to have u back Bruce ! very useful stuff as usual...curious to see all the interesting results u must have drawn regarding selling options during your hiatus