ES Thursday 6-11-15

Getting back into trading again. Still just monitoring and not trading.
I see that we did not get an O/N mid-pt test yesterday and right now we are far from the O/N mid pt. So odds say that we will come back to test it after that post-jobs spike.
Yesterday looked like short covering and that coupled with the jobs report might be a reason for the current O/N euphoria.
Should be an interesting open to see what happens.

Again, not playing. Just saying.
i see a greenie up at 11.25 and there is a swing high at 13. That would be my preliminary line in the sand to the upside
there is a wide POC @ 5.75 from 6/3 so i would think they would at least tag that, then maybe the O/N mid pt, YD's high and finally the POC/VPOC at 97/97.25

At least that is the order of prices i would try to look at.

Current O/N high at 10.5 which is close to our greenie....
I have other things I'm doing today, but I wanted to just post
There are other measures that give confluence to the prices you mentioned as potential resistance.

2111.75 = TOP of the Selling Tail from 6/4/15

2113.50, Naked Prominent POC from 6/3

I don't want to be a spoiler here, but quite often these days, after a good up day, if the Overnight moves above the RTH H, it seems to not get re-visited (The O/N H seems to not get revisited) in the early RTH.

obviously, first ref above would be test of O/N H 2110.50.

Suoer bad structure yesterday, but with an unfilled gap up yesterday, those profile structural anomalies below 2100 might not get visited today.
this is quite a snooze fest.... still feels like it could drop but what do i know..
there you have it.... rusty as ever. Ha! That was a strange sequence for me and I did not see that happening. That is how the dice rolls sometimes. Live to fight another day..... respect the gap today
whats that about i had it right, just not the timing? lol..... anyways, this is more what i expected.... oh well.
sometimes the market needs to trap in more poor souls before reversing...