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The Deficit, The YC, and Outlook for T-Futures

The Deficit, The Yield Curve, and Outlook for Treasury Futures
Live event: March 21 @ 2:30 PM Chicago / 3:30 PM Eastern.

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The government returns to the 30 year bond, deficit spending shows no sign of easing and inverted yield curve returns to our vocabulary. These fundamental and political issues pose serious questions for traders and consumers alike. Will we return to classic economic thinking, which means higher Treasury yields and a possible recession? Or is worldwide excess savings large enough to keep rates under pressure? Will the NOB (Notes over Bonds) Spread offer new opportunities for trading financial futures? These topics will be discussed by a Karen Gibbs, one of the nation's most astute financial correspondents, well positioned to address the political and economic fall-outs and how they may affect financial futures markets. The program will be moderated by Larry Schneider, Director of Business Development for the Zaner Group.

About the Speaker
Prior to joining Wall $treet Week with FORTUNE, Gibbs spent five years as a senior business correspondent for FOX News Channel, contributing and serving as a substitute anchor on Your World With Neil Cavuto and appearing as a regular panelist on Cavuto On Business. From 1992 to 1997, she was an anchor at CNBC, where she specialized in the credit and futures markets, and hosted such programs as Money Wheel and Minding Your Business. Prior to joining CNBC, Gibbs spent nearly ten years at Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc., where she was a vice president and senior futures strategist. She began her career at the Chicago Board of Trade as a board marker and left as a member of the Office of Investigations and Audits. She received an MBA in finance and marketing from the University of Chicago. Karen's newest venture is "The Gibbs Perspective", a concern involved in financial literacy and investor advocacy.
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