ES Tuesday 7-14-15

Good morning to all. The O/N action so far has been pretty lukewarm much like the RTH session YD. We reached the greenie at 95.25 and the congestion zone of 93-94 proved to be a strong resistance as well. The question for today is if YD's and O/N price action is accepted and do we continue to consolidate above the previous balance area (35 to 83.25).

Greenie at 88.5/89 from YD as well as swing low of 86 could provide potential support.
To the upside we have a greenie at 2102.5/.75 and psychological level of 2100 so will keep an eye out for that
going towards 88.5/89 area of POC and VPOC from YD. Will see if we can get a bounce off of it
getting to the 2102.75 greenie now.... expect to see some resistance here