ES Tuesday 9-15-15

Good morning to all. Not much happening right now with what seems like everyone waiting around for Thursday. I do not have much commentary today because it is the same as it has been. We continue to stay in balance and the coil is really getting wound up. The question is whether we see any move before Thursday or not. We still have 2.5 RTH trading sessions before the announcement so who knows. YD we had a prominent POC and VPOC which we know has a high chance of getting revisited. The O/N inventory is balanced so far. Remember that YD we did not have a test of the O/N mid-pt so there is a high chance of it getting visited today. Good luck to all.

Greenies: 1923, 1934.25, 1940.5, 1943, 1960.75, 1971.75, 1977, 1995, 2012.5, 2053

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The O/N mid-pt is at 43.5 and YD's settle is 43.25 = confluence
runners could go to 41.5 to 40.5 band
bounce right off of 93.5. mechanical buying going on here. 30-min VPOC at 1946
meant to say bounce off of 43.5, not 93.5
those darned first 30-min singles stopped the march to 1940.5! hey, at least we got to 43.5!!
approaching 4 balance area high of 1955.5
they got the stops above the balance area high
Remember those 4 distributions from 9/9? Look to the left in the chart below. We stopped at the second one from the top where the VPOC was. One more left to the upside which was the B period prints from 9/9

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