numbers i am looking at today
2060-poor high i think
2054-2056 is single prints and rat
2050-52 yesterday rth and rat
2044 rat and alot trade there
2037.75 2029.50 same as the 2044 area
2035 those swing lows
2030-32 area rat and some trade there

my gut says lower in the morning then up to the 2056 area in the afternoon. like i said i just got my head above water so dont put to much faith in

anybody got any numbers to share or what they think will happen?
there was no O/N mid-point test YD so the odds of it happening today are higher. Also YD's VPOC was at 41.5 which means that even though price moved lower, the VPOC did not shift. The current O/N volume profile looks like a "P" shaped profile which means a lot of short covering. Likely a lot of people got too short YD and got squeezed in the O/N. In addition, there were likely some longs who joined the squeeze. I would expect a move lower earlier in the morning and maybe then the squeeze might continue as the shorts start covering at lower prices
thanks new kid

didnt do thing cause water pipe broke in the house. just got back in the saddle lol