i like the 2042-2044 area for buy
looking to sell in the 1 st 5 min too
anybody else?
sold 50.50
out one at 49.50 stop on last 50.25
stop move 49.75
the reason for the 42-44 is half back of o\n and the rat close by
45-46 is a LVN zone and 40.5 is a HVN. I would say that they both are decent supports to buy
stop out of last one
i will sell the rat at 56.25
trying long at 49.50 looking for 56.25
one gone at 50.50
stop 48.50 on last
hey duck, sorry i did not post anything after that. i have noticed that there is a direct correlation to me posting anywhere and bad trading performance. it just messes with my head badly for some reason and that is why i have stopped posting.