i like the 2042-2044 area for buy
looking to sell in the 1 st 5 min too
anybody else?
stop on last 49.75
we no what happened there lol stop out
newkid have you done anything ? or anybody else. i dont mind some after the fact stuff
i am still short and regretting it with every minute going by
short the rat 56.25
out one at 55.25 stop on last 56
we no again what

nk where you short from?
dam that wht you get for close stops lol oh well

new kid you still holding?
long at 42.50 exit one 43.50 stop on last 42.75
stop out on last
hey duck, sorry i did not post anything after that. i have noticed that there is a direct correlation to me posting anywhere and bad trading performance. it just messes with my head badly for some reason and that is why i have stopped posting.