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I will post come charts again from today. This takes a bit of time, so I probably won't do it much more going forward. I think what I am trying to show should be clear enough with my recent posts. I have to be very selective with the comments since I can only fit so much on a chart, and I want to stay with a certain theme. I just want it to be clear that there is a lot more content and ideas going on than can be seen in this oversimplification. Again, I want people to see the flow of the market and what I discussed about that before on the other thread. You can focus on 'market turn calls' when you look at all this, but that really misses most of what I am trying to covey. I hope all this is of some use to the readers.

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Let me add some clarification comments on two posts. From 1:31 PM: When I said "Do not try this at home!" I was playing off that old saying you hear on TV all the time. I meant the way I viewed that was utilizing a high-level technique, not something I would think anyone would use unless they were very advanced. I did not imply taking a short there was ill-advised in my opinion (and after all, everything I post is just an opinion), only the style and timing of entry I mentioned. A more conservative approach would have waited on a tad bit more confirmation, which came shortly after. From 2:11 PM: When I said "I can't see any way imaginable they can hold that low", I didn't mean it must flush out, only that they will get under it in my opinion, they will not hold it.

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I hope these recent posts have been of some use in gaining further understanding of what goes on in the 'mysterious' KT forum.

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