ES Friday 5-13-16

Friday the 13th ..beware..52 - 53.50 is magnet price for me in early pre market trade.....making video ramble for those interested and will edit this post to include that and some screen shots for those who don't want to listen to me babble

here is video..will edit with some typed in zones
No video below? Try this link: Freaky_friday.swf

57 - 59 is first key sell zone ...I will also be using 61 - 63 as another zone for shorts...sorry but late today
got the same zones here Bruce. good luck today,
daily pivot at 59, YD's close at 58.5, YD's VPOC at 59.75, Wednesday close at 58. Just a lot of confluence here. Hopefully the resistance is strong
took one loser so far trying aging from 61.50
average in at 62.50 now
coming out heavy at 61 to make up for first loser...will try to ride for more down but not convinced...opened in value so perhaps we chop a bit inside YD's value and that makes things harder to hold...but midpoint still sits way below
went flat at 62.50.....will try again if we can get back under 61 again...tough day so far
i need to see them get back below On high again.....only one way we can get back to O/N midpoint and that is to get back below it;s highs and get some time spent under it...makes logical sense and a simple concept
trying again from 61.50...week pop off that O/N high and attempt at new highs failed
59.25 is first target if they can keep selling it....that is Pivot area
just can't get rid of me today...I'll leave you with this...its a one minute time area is value area based on one minute but this also shows the high and low time prices...this chart is showing thursdays time profile on the left and you can see how todays lines have reacted to some of the areas it helps me see price action areas a bit better some days

If I was a vendor I'd be telling you to look and see how great it was that the high time of yesterday, the green line, nailed the current high for today...and I would tell ya how great it was that the VA low had some nice pops up off it...the 54 area...but you can see how this helps define magnet zones etc..ok nuff said..

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couldn't get the damn cross hairs off the ignore that 61.25 label and the cross hairs