ES Monday 5-23-16

Weekly SITYS numbers are 2068 and 2030. Daily SITYS coming into Monday are 2057.50 and 2040.50

Daily pivots
R2 = 62
R1= 56
Pivot = 49.50
S2= 36

First a look at last weeks key areas...these I use to find confluence with the daily numbers.

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then here is just Friday

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No overnight midpoint printed on Friday so my plan will be to hopefully take trades towards the midpoint off the key numbers

and finally how Fridays profile looks split out against a few other days that haven't been split

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some things to keep in mind especially if you are going for longer term targets:

1) The 95 % probability that SOME daily floor trader number will print also holds true for the Weekly some Weekly number will hit this week !.. I think this number will be 2046 this week but I obviously do not know when !
2) The 85 % of the time probability that we DON'T have an inside day on daily bars also holds true for weekly bars !! So only 15 % of the time we will have an inside WEEK

Good luck !
The numbers seem close to what Bruce stated but here they are again.

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30 min VPOC at 47.75 but a very odd looking volume profile so far today with the flattish shape
Daily SITYS/ half SD band numbers still open at 57.5/40.5