ES Wednesday 5-25-16

I'll get to a video in the morning after we can get a handle on Overnight action. I was only able to make up a bit less then 1/2 my losses from trading on Tuesday. An important point: It is very hard to mentally switch gears from a fader to a trend trader or a trend trader back to a fader. So pick one and get good at it and if you have clues that it may be the other type of day ( the kind you don't do well at ) then scale down or don't trade. I thought we had some difficult days the last two weeks. The only good thing about trend days for me is that they usually don't do it like that two days in a row...especially right off the opening like Tuesdays trade.

Here is my main bell curve from Tuesdays Trade:

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here are the bands:

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Here is the main bell curve I am watching from 4-28 that sits above Tuesdays highs should we open above in Wednesdays session:

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lets see how the overnight plays out. In general I will be looking for signs that we might have a shot at revisiting the 69 area and even possibly the 58 area by weeks the big conflict as far as this kind of longer term prediction is that the SITYS for the month of May has not hit yet and if it does then they might drive to 2098 to get that. As a short term trader I find these "predictions" interesting but not very profitable ! Planning to ramble in the morning for anyone interested. Was way off the mark on Tuesday and hoping to perform much better in Wednesdays trade.

EDIT : Added some video babble

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coming out heavy at 87.75...not much working but two runners will try to get back to the overnight high for one and then the 83.75.....I still consider the 87 - 89.50 the critical zone up here so I really don't have a clue if this will continue to sell off but would prefer to see this stay below 89.50 on any pops up in price...
I appreciate your work no matter the outcome. I simply can't trade well enough to fade the moves outside of prior days highs or when sentiment is so strong in the other direction so I sit it out unfortunately.
bruce if anybody is following you without doing there own work..they deserve to lose.just like you said this shows how difficult trading is with real up to date examples.

i too appreciate your work no matter the outcome..

thanks...i appreciate the comments