ES Friday 6-10-16

Looking for longs in the 99 area ( mini bell curve from last friday and mondays low) as per June still .....we don't want too much time spent below 98 as that puts us inside the VA from 6-3 and that would mean trouble....usually I expect only one failure at an overnight midpoint and that happened on Monday so not expecting a failure today but won't be stupid about it....2104 - 2106 becomes key zone as that is near last weeks highs and low time from Monday's trade. Keep in mind that we also have a high time price from last week at 94 so if they decide to flip it then that would be the magnet. Anomolies at 96 area go well with a POC from an overnight session . Making a video and will edit and add on to this post.

ok...kept this video under 3.5 minutes for any who want to see my area I am concerned about
No video below? Try this link: my_lines.swf

I didn't do the bands today but if using them it is best to use the cash session due to rollover ! If following september we are currently under the S3 level of 2091.50 so if buying into the 89 as per September then expect the hit back to the S3 as a target..
all us faders who bought the lower zone need this to clear the 98 area as per June ( the Overnight low ) if our runnesr are gonna work any magic......otherwise we run the risk of this rolling back over down to 94.75
here is some final friday ramble...just babbling a bit more about the standard mp cahrt and how well it goes with our time profiles...this data is June.....hope all have a good weekend........
No video below? Try this link: finale_ramble.swf

you have good weekend too. thanks for the videos