ES Friday 6-24-16

lines I am using...zones are bigger and so will be volatility so it's not the day to average to take multiple tries in your zones..for example if the breakdown point is 45 - 49 then look for entries at 45 and also at 49 ...Ideally I'd like to see a push away from the magnet zone that starts running out of steam ( volume) and then take a trade back towards magnet zone..these aren't the only line but they are the ones I am using early's friday and we don't want to get stuck in a plunge and have a big losing day today
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interesting that "magnet zone" is a VA low from back in May and with that weeks lows at 2022 and the one standard deviation down off the weekly at 2022 I would also add that number into the mix today...not shown as marked on my also helps break up these bigger areas and gives us some ideas to trade from
good trading as always Bruce. you did great today. have a good weekend