ES Friday 9-16-16

This video is done on Thursday night so I'm not sure how valid the areas will be by tomorrows open. As usual we will look to overnight to confirm our areas and come up with a plan. trading smaller tomorrow. It's been a good week and no sense being a bonehead trader and making stupid mistakes on a Friday.

No video below? Try this link: for_friday.swf

not telling anyone how to trade but we have a gap in the data at 31 and we are in our lower zone of 26 -'s very early so be careful on these if you trade in here..good luck....we'll need it !!.
gaps start at 30 and we have some at 33 area too...
thats a nice start to the morning.thanks again for posting.
yeah...not planning on doing much in RTH today
I think trading today requires the 38 - 40 to hold pushes up in order for us to target the 32.50 pivot...if we open under the pivot then we obviously need our 26 - 28 area to holdin order to get that pivot
I buying small at 30 and less...everything is small here in RTH , for a change the overnight played out well and not planning on giving much back
averaged in at 28.75...this first campaign is only time I will average in today...other tries will take small tries to attempt to hit back to new RTH highs...I know if wrong then they push down to 21 and I want no part of that...gotta clear 30 now and quickly or else may be on wrong midpoint yet either
bruce i had over night midpoint at 31.75
u may be right duck......I'm more concerned with this 30 number right now and we missed pivot by one this may be a clunker of a trade and it's so slow...gotta get a move on or I am going at 10 is concern
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bruce i had over night midpoint at 31.75
flat at 29.75....didn't get much out of that and there is a gap at 28.25....
gap in data at 29 on the 1 min chart